About Alex

I’m Alex Cureton-Griffiths. I’m a coder, maker, traveler and coffee addict. I travel around a lot and love tinkering with stuff.

I’ve been involved with some cool projects, in aerospace, green architecture, wearable electronics, blockchain, and machine learning.

In my spare time you can find me at a coffeeshop, pub, or makerspace, hacking away on some project or other.

Me and Tech

  • I’m passionate about open source and evangelize it pretty much everywhere I go - and not just for software.
  • Most of the tools I use are much older than I am. I love working with the terminal, and adore Vim.
  • I’m passionate about diversity in tech, and contributed a page on figures in tech history to the awesome diversity list

Random Facts About Me

I own almost nothing

In my work I tend to travel a lot, and traveling is a lot easier if you do it light. I’ve got it down to 7-8 kg now, so basically a small backpack. I should really write a blog post on that…

I was once on a Chinese Reality TV show:

I got stranded in the Gobi Desert for about six months when I was a teenager

I spent most of time teaching kids, watching VCDs, and surfing the net from nicotine-stained internet cafes. I was stuck right on the frontier, near the fort at the end of the Great Wall of China.

I speak (and write) passable Chinese

In most other languages I try to learn at least “beer please” and “Americano please.”

For my final paper at university, I sang a Chinese rock song to go from a B+ to an A

Sadly, reader, I destroyed all recordings no recordings exist.

Lots more

  • I love cooking, especially slow cooking
  • I have five different shades of hair on my head
  • I’ve lived all over the place
  • I speak an unholy amalgam of British English, American English and god-only-knows-what-else
  • Lots of other stuff, but most of it not really suitable for public consumption, alas. Especially the Burning Man stuff…