Links of the Day

less than 1 minute read

  • Jukebox of weirdness: Neural net to generate songs and sing the lyrics in the style of different musicians.
  • The Paradox of Source Code Secrecy: Quote: “In many cases of automated decisionmaking, algorithms – and the source code that informs them, are hidden from public view, even though they implicate core constitutional protections of due process, individualized justice and equal protection. However, because they are often protected as trade secrets, they can remain entirely free from public scrutiny.”
  • What to Do When AI Fails: Humans are acting differently because of the pandemic, but machine learning models have been trained on “normal” behavior. This article looks into what can be done when “garbage in, garbage out” leads to serious failures.
  • Nature By Numbers: Beautiful short film by Cristóbal Vila showing how the Fibonacci sequence occurs throughout nature.